Posters and Talks

How to prepare posters

On a clean white poster paper, 4' (wide) x 3' (tall) or 4' x 6'  or 5' x 5'  or 6' x 4'.  See example Poster in pdf here( 4' x 3') and download powerpoint template if you like.

How to prepare talks

A regular oral presentation is between fifteen and twenty minutes long, except for special talks, invited talks and keynotes. For regular oral talks, you should aim to be complete a few minutes short of your alloted time to allow for a few questions (2 - 3 min) and a change over to the next speaker (1min). Fifteen minute talks should therefore be completed in twelve and twenty minute talks in just about 15-16. Session chairs may cut your presentation short if you go over the absolute allotted time. They will generally warn you when you are close.

You can send your presentation to dydess at mit dot edu in advance,  in pdf or powerpoint formats to use the conference PC. You can bring your own laptop too, but you also must bring the adaptor for VGA for a MAC or any other machine with a special display output. You might run into trouble otherwise...better safe than sorry!