List of Papers

  More papers are being evaluated and up to six may join the program
Attia, A., V. Rao  and A. Sandu A Sampling Approach for Four Dimensional Data Assimilation
Belden, J.,  J. Pendlebury, A. Jafek, and T. Truscott Advances in Light Field Imaging for Measurement of Fluid Mechanical Systems
Bernstein, D. S. (keynote) Adaptive Control and Model Refinement
Blackwell, W.  and K. Cahoy Small Satellite Constellations for Data Driven Atmospheric Remote Sensing
Brun, C.,  A. Cortes, and T. Margalef Coupled Dynamic Data-Driven Framework for Forest Fire Spread Prediction
Cousins, W. and T. P. Sapsis Reduced Order Probabilistic Prediction of Rogue Waves in One-Dimensional Envelope Equations
Douglas, C. C.  T.  M. de A. Soares, and M.  V. Kritz A Data Driven Scientific Approach to Environmental Probes
Euler, J.,  T. Ritter, S. Ulbrich and O. von Stryk Centralized Ensemble-Based Trajectory Planning of Cooperating Sensors for Estimating Atmospheric Dispersion Processes
Gao, R.-S.  J. W. Elkins, G. J. Frost, A. C. McComiskey, F. L. Moore, D. M. Murphy, J. A. Ogren, I. Petropavlovskikh, The Global Ozone and Aerosol profiles and Aerosol Hygroscopic Effect and Absorption optical Depth (GOA2HEAD) Network Initiative – A Novel Approach to Atmospheric Measurements
Gharamti, M. E.,   B. Ait-El-Fquih and  I. Hoteit A One-Step-Ahead Smoothing-based Joint Ensemble Kalman Filter for State-Parameter Estimation of Hydrological Models
Gharamti, M. E.,  Y. M. Marzouk, X. Huan, and I. Hoteit A Greedy Approach for Placement of Subsurface Aquifer Wells in an Ensemble Filtering Framework
Godinez, H. C., E. Lawrence, D. Higdon, A. Ridley and J. Koller  Specification of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
Haller, G.   (keynote) Objective Detection of Lagrangian Vortices in     Unsteady Velocity Data
Knapp, J. D.,  M. Elo, J. Shaeffer1, and P. G. Flikkema Towards Intelligent Closed-Loop Workflows for Ecological Research
Lagor, F. D.  and D. A. Paley Active Singularities for Multivehicle Motion Planning in an N-Vortex System
Low, K. H.,  J. Chen, T. N. Hoang, N. Xu, and P. Jaillet Recent Advances in Scaling up Gaussian Process Predictive Models for Large Spatiotemporal Data
Madankan, R., P. Singla and T. Singh Parameter Estimation of Atmospheric Release Incidents Using Maximal Information Collection 
Mohamad, M.  A.  and T. P. Sapsis Probabilistic Description of Extreme Events in Intermittently Unstable Systems Excited by Correlated Stochastic Processes
Nino, E. D.  and A. Sandu Variational Data Assimilation Based On Derivative-Free Optimization
Rao, A. D.,  J. Poulose, P. Upadhyay, and S. Mohanty Local-scale assessment of tropical cyclone induced storm surge inundation over the coastal zones of India in probabilistic climate risk scenario
Ravela, S.,  H. Seybold and P. Tagade Tractable Information Potential Estimation for Data Assimilation
Ravela, S., I. Jankov, J. Salas, B. Rosas, O. Gonzalez, S. Gregory and Z. Toth Statistical Inference for Coherent Fields: From Theory to Application
Seo, D.-J. , B. Kerke, M. Zink, N. Fang, J. Gao, X. Yu,  iSPUW: A Vision for Integrated Sensing and Prediction of Urban Water for Sustainable Cities
Seok, J.-H., S.-J. Lee and H.-L. Choi A Gaussian Process-Enabled MCMC Approach for Contaminant Source Characterization in a Sensor-Rich Multi-Story Building
Seybold, H.  and S. Ravela Ensemble Learning in Non-Gaussian Data Assimilation
Singh, T.,  R. Mittal and H.C. Upadhyaya Ensemble Adjustment Kalman Filter Data Assimilation for a Global Atmospheric Model
Sledge, I. J.,  L. Peng, and K. Mohseni An Empirical Reduced Modeling Approach for  Mobile, Distributed Sensor Platform Networks
Slivinski, L., E. Spiller, and A. Apte A hybrid particle-ensemble Kalman filter for high dimensional Lagrangian data assimilation
Stefanescu, E. R., A. Patra, E. B. Pitman, M. Bursik, P. Singla, and T. Singh Multiscale Method for Hazard Map Construction
Subramani, D. N., T. Lolla, P. J. Haley Jr., and P. F. J. Lermusiaux A Stochastic Optimization Method for Energy-based Path Planning
Thimmisetty, C.   A.  Khodabakhshnejad,  N. Jabbari,  F. Aminzadeh, R.  Ghanem, K. Rose, J. Bauer, and C. Disenhof Multiscale Stochastic Representation in High-Dimensional Data using Gaussian Processes with  Implicit Diffusion Metrics
Williams, E. R. and S. R. McNutt Scientific Motivation for UAV Measurements Inside Volcanic Eruptions
Wunsch, C. (keynote) Perspectives from Ocean State Estimation
Xie, Y. and Z. Toth An Object-oriented Data Assimilation Toolkit − Community Data Assimilation Repository